‘We want to read!’

The Shine Foundation donated start-up books and stationery to us. Along the way, generous people have donated more books.

These donated books are available to the children on the programme as ‘take home’ books to read and enjoy and then to return as a form of library book, encouraging them to read outside of the programme, and sharing the books with siblings and peers. At the end of each school year, we have managed to give each child on the programme a Story Book for them to enjoy during the holidays.  These were received with great joy and enthusiasm.

We now have so many wonderful books that we can set up a mini library in our new second container. These books will be available for use by other school learners, who are not necessarily on our programme. This will be good news to many learners who display such enormous enthusiasm about reading books.  And with no library in the school, it is a necessary part of our wider programme.

If you would like to donate books for young people, please email Marcelle Brock at brock@telkomsa.net

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