Our sustainable projects

Since inception the Walmer Angel Projects have been providing support to the Walmer location community with the help of individuals and business. Giving support when needed has been an ongoing practice for the Projects and is offered in many forms such as:

  • Structural improvements: roofs, Wendy Houses, paving, fencing, water proofing
  • Equipment donations and sponsors: Playground equipment, educational toys, blankets, books.

The Walmer Angel Projects also undertakes to educate and enrich the Caregivers/Crèche Mothers in providing educational workshops linking these ladies to other organisations and Non Profit Organisations e.g. Health, Mental Awareness and Autism. Walmer Angel Project is also partnering with different organisations for different programmes. These include the ‘love sandwiches’ programme with Love Sandwiches which enables the Projects to distribute donated sandwiches twice a week to the crèches and Walmer Lower Primary School.

The Projects also runs two Soup Kitchens with plans for the third one to be opened soon. Food gardens are also developed and encouraged to help with sustainability.

Last month we brought down 20 Amalooloos from Kwazulu Natal for creches that do not have water. These hygienic and waterless and permanent loos are a vital addition for the little people.

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