Who Are We?

Established in 2005 by Glenda Brunette, affectionately known as Mamtshawe, the Walmer Angel Project is a Non-Profit Organisation that gives support to the community of Walmer Location, especially the Day Care/ crèche-going children of this community. Since inception, the organisation has taken 17 Crèches under their wing.

With projects such as The Shine Chapter, the food gardens and soup kitchens, the Walmer Angel Project is a firm believer in encouraging literacy from a young age. Along with support activities and programmes such as the Love Sandwiches and various charity drives for gumboots, blankets and school uniforms, the organisation believes strongly in grass roots empowerment through self sustaining methods.

What We Believe

Children are the most vulnerable. Your support and care of a child gives them a chance to become an adult that will contribute positively to society.

 Every Child Counts.

What we do:

Education  •  Grass roots empowerment  •  Self-sustaining solutions


When a seed is sown in rich, fertile soil, something beautiful takes place. The seed roots itself into the dirt and life begins. With the help of diligent, patient hands and the provision of sunlight and rain, a plant grows. Bursting forth from the ground, creation begins anew. Before long, what was once a seed has turned into a life-giving and fruit-bearing tree that provides food and shelter for all who find it.

It’s hard to imagine that the fullness of purpose and potential could be hidden in something as small as a seed, but life begins in small ways, and transformation begins when a vision is rooted firmly in a community of committed nurturers who know how to till land and cultivate growth.



Time is one of the most valuable resources. It surrounds us, moves through us, yet waits for no one. It’s what defines our beginnings and our ends and what we fill it up with, is what we get out of our lives.

It is a great gift when people are willing to give of their time to serve others.



Simple acts of kindness and generosity and the expression of gratitude have a positive effect on all of us. It would seem then that the key to a good and happy life, lies in the quality of the relationships we form over time, doing work that challenges us and building links in the community we are part of.


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